Top 5 Benefits of Peppermint Tea On Body and Mind

There are a lot of different teas that we can drink. And to be honest, I have tried most of them. When I hear people saying how they love their green tea and how it tastes amazing, I’m disgusted. This is because almost every healthy tea that I drink, I don’t usually find the taste too great.

Despite this dislike of teas, I can’t argue against the associated health benefits. This is the reason I have always drank teas a few times per day.

Green tea, dandelion tea, ginger tea, I have tried them all and one of my favorites at this moment in time is peppermint tea. Again, I don’t like the taste too much but I definitely don’t want to pass up on the opportunity to drink something that will be beneficial for my health.

Peppermint Tea can be very beneficial for your health.

Looking at peppermint tea specifically, there are lots of health benefits that I love. Of course, the first of these is the weight control and weight loss.

It can suppress appetite and ensure that you consume fewer calories during the day and this in turn will make sure you lose weight. Peppermint tea also helps to relieve stress. It has menthol, an ingredient that helps to calm the mind and relaxes the muscles and even improves your sleep.

Peppermint tea is also known to be a natural decongestant so will unblock the sinuses and provide protection against these types of cold and flu symptoms.

Along with the above effects, there are many other benefits of drinking peppermint tea on a regular basis. It’s very good for your skin and helps to clear any acne. Furthermore, it can also improve the overall health of the digestive system.

If you drink it regularly, after a while, you should experience less bloating and other similar effects.

These are just some of the reasons that I love drinking peppermint tea so much.

The Difference Between the Best French Press and Drip Coffee

Buying the best French press is a good idea if you some a fresh cup of coffee every morning.If you think that coffee is the same every time then you are mistaken. The different brewing methods usually separate the coffee that tastes delicious and the coffee that doesn’t taste so good.

Many of you have probably noticed how some times your coffee tastes amazing at a coffee shop. You might have also noticed those strange-looking pots that are being used to make the coffee. These French pots are used to ensure that your cup of coffee has the richness, flavor and some of the flavorful oils from the coffee bean.

What a lot of us don’t know is that these oils and this flavor is often absent when a normal automatic machine is used. The good news is that you can easily do this by buying the best French press for home use.

In comparison to this type of brewing, the expensive and automatic espresso machines we normally see are used to make drip coffee. While a French pot will make a coffee that has richness and a strong flavor, drip coffee is smoother in taste.

It all depends on individual taste though most people can never go back to drip coffee once they have tried French pressed coffee. There are several advantages and disadvantages of both methods of brewing and it is essential to consider these if we are to establish a solid difference.

As I mentioned before, the best French press will allow the entry of more oils and more flavor of the bean into the coffee. This is an automatic advantage over a normal drip coffee maker. A pot press will allow an individual to heat the water to specific requirements so as to get as much flavor from the coffee bean as possible.

The drip coffee brewing technique is also a good option.Water will be heated separately and you’ll have full control of the temperature. An automatic machine usually uses the same temperature regardless of the type of coffee bean being used.

In order to achieve stronger flavor, the water must be in contact with the grounds for an optimum period of time (usually around 4 minutes). This is done so that we achieve great balance in the flavor and taste.

There is another area where a pot press succeeds, as you will have full control over this when compared to an automatic machine.

Coffee isn’t that simple to make and the task of making great-tasting coffee is even harder. But the oils in the bean are responsible for this taste. Unfortunately, these oils are filtered out during most brewing techniques.

Fortunately, a press pot won’t contain any filters. This technique just presses the grounds rather than filtering anything out.

When looking at such products, I always say that you need to buy a high quality press pot to get the best results. Finding the best French press coffee maker isn’t too difficult. You just need to do some research and compare different products.

Obviously, an automatic drip machines have their own advantages too. The first of these is the automatic function that will make the coffee for you with the press of a button. This automatic process would suit people who lead a busy lifestyle.

Believe it or not, some people also like the taste of drip coffee. This is because it tastes a bit lighter and suits people who don’t like a strong flavor commonly associated with coffee made with a press pot.

Either way, these are the main differences between the two brewing techniques. I’m not a big fan of drip coffee because I feel that we need to taste the natural flavor of the coffee bean, something that can’t be done with an automatic machine.

Despite this, I do occasionally use these drip machines when I need to make a cup really quickly. This is simply because flavorful or not, I can’t survive without my morning cup of coffee and you don’t always have 10 minutes in the morning to use a press pot.


How To Make Delicious Iced Coffee At Home

Even when you’re trying to eat healthy foods and hoping to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it’s never wrong to have your favorite foods every once in a while.

This recipe can be used to make delicious iced coffee in no time at all.To tell you the truth, having some chocolate or an iced coffee some times and in moderation can give you a psychological boost. This is common sense and it’s definitely how I try to live my life. When it comes to coffee especially, I’m way too enthusiastic so once every week, I try to experiment and drink the most delicious coffee possible.

For the past month or so, I’ve been drinking a lot of iced coffee and even though I feel guilty, drinking it once a week makes me feel really good. I feel much healthier and it seems like my mind has been boosted from the coffee.

If you’re a coffee fanatic like me, then I’m sure you would like to know my recipe for making delicious iced coffee in the comfort of your home.

The first step to take is to brew the coffee in the normal way that you normally brew it. It doesn’t matter too much as to which beans you like or which process you use. After you have done this, you need to cool this down by placing it in the refrigerator for around 20 minutes to half an hour.

I normally get a long coffee glass along with a long spoon. Then, I fill the glass halfway with ice cubes. After this step, I add the chilled coffee into the glass. I usually like to go three-quarters of the way up as I prefer to add milk in next.

At this point, you can literally add in any type of milk you like. For example, I prefer to add almond milk instead of normal milk. The milk is added to fill the rest of the glass and everything is being mixed at the same time. After this, I like to add all the extra bits and pieces.

I normally add some sugar and vanilla extract to enhance the taste. I also try to add finely chopped nuts to improve the taste and texture. And sometimes when I’m craving some junk, I also use whipped cream on top and voila, you probably have the best tasting homemade iced coffee. There you have it!

The Negative Effects Of Coffee On The Body

Drinking coffee is a fantastic way to get an almost instant pick-up. It has lots of health benefits and contains many different nutrients that help the body to function in the most efficient manner.

Antioxidants are abundant in coffee and are responsible for the health benefits such as the protection against Diabetes and Neurological illnesses.

It also helps to improve a person’s memory and will boost your body in the event of physical and mental activity. But does that mean we should drink it all day? Does it mean we should drink as much coffee as we drink water? Not at all! There are several reasons for this.

If you drink too much coffee, you might face a lot of different drawbacks.

While coffee is amazing, it has lots of drawbacks that can affect your health in a negative way. If you read all of these effects then you might quit coffee altogether. However, the best thing to do is to drink it in moderation and combine it with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

But what makes coffee so bad? First of all, it can be quite addictive. If you drink it quite a bit, that “high” feeling will feel normal and you will want to drink more to get that “normal” feeling.

If you are addicted to coffee, you are bound to experience several withdrawal effects such as headaches and tiredness. Both of these side effects are associated with the withdrawal of addictive drugs.

It also leads to the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that allows you to focus. However, if you keep drinking coffee, these neurotransmitters can lose their function and efficiency due to up-regulation.

It also releases various other substances in the body and these can affect the body in a negative way. The release of stress hormones for example can make you anxious and make you suffer from insomnia.

Coffee can also interact with lots of different medication. For example, drinking it while taking Ciprofloxacin, a common antibacterial, can increase the stimulant effect of caffeine thereby causing an increase in side effects such as insomnia, headaches and anxiety.

There are lots of other negative aspects of drinking coffee. However, finding the right balance will ensure that you’re not exposed to these.

Best Blender for Smoothies for the Money

So many of us visit juice and smoothie bars on a daily basis. But, we all forget how much money we spend on this. Even if we do this two to three times a week, the bill would equate to thousands of dollars. You can easily use some of this money on buying a good quality blender and making these smoothies as often as you like! You can always save more money by trying to get the best smoothie blender at an affordable price! When looking for such a product, it’s possible that you’re willing to spend quite a bit but still want to get a good value! But, some of you might just have fixed a maximum price that you’re willing to pay.

So, without getting off the point, let’s try and find the best blender for smoothies that is currently available on the market right now!

  1. BlendTec Total Blender

The Blendtec might not be cheap but is definitely the best smoothie blender out on the market.The Total blender is quite a pricey option but it can easily be associated with professional standards. It has amazing reviews with some excellent ratings and it really is a complete product suitable for whatever you want to make. The motor generates an incredible 1560 watts of power and this would be sufficient to blend anything you need blending. The powerful blade is 4 inches in size and is another factor that enhances the performance of this BlendTec. It also feels extremely sturdy but the weight isn’t too light or too heavy. The pitcher also comes in a good size and this means that you can fit a lot of ingredients in. Along with this, it should make the cleaning process a bit easier too. I was also very impressed with the touch technology and the automatic blending options as these definitely made everything a bit more convenient.

  1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

If you’re looking for the best blender for smoothies that is affordable, then you simply can’t look past this little gem. Even though, it won’t be as good as the Total blender, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System would probably be the smoothies blender at an affordable price. It’s actually three or four times cheaper than the BlendTec. I would say that this model is a combination of a blender and a food processor. Usually, when we look at blenders, we normally see that there are a few bladed at the bottom. However, with this particular model, there is a tube that runs from the bottom all the way to the top. This may lead to effective blending when making smoothies with all kinds of tough vegetables and fruits. It has a highly impressive and powerful motor. Another impressive aspect is how we get multiple attachments to make pretty much anything.

  1. Oster Beehive

If you need a smoothie blender that is very cheap and towards the lower end of the market then the Oster Beehive collection may be the right one for you. This is certainly the cheapest of the three and looks quite good too. It has a good design and the choice of colors will ensure that it catches your attention every time you walk into the kitchen. It also performs very well and is usually associated with reliability without breaking the bank. It looks quite robust and feels like it has been made from quality materials. It also gets the job done very well and comes with a ice crusher attachment to make any job possible. In my opinion, this is possibly the best smoothie blender for the money! 

What do you think? 

These are just some blenders I’ve had experiences with and I was impressed with all three. But when it comes down to choosing one, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the best blender for smoothies, then you know that you’ll have to fork out a lot of money. In this case, it would be the Total blender and this is quite expensive but probably worth it in my opinion. For me, the most impressive model is probably the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. This really impressed me with the overall quality and features. Even though the performance really impressed me, I was even more impressed by the fact that it didn’t cost very much. It’s strong and sturdy but efficient and powerful at completing any kind of job.

Do Tilted Blenders Make the Best Smoothies?

Recent advances in technology seem to be creating new ways to enhance the effectiveness of existing home and kitchen appliances. Whether it be your deep fryer or a grill, new improvements have been targeted at flaws of the existing machine. We’ve already heard of air fryers becoming healthy alternatives to deep fryers. In a kind of a similar story, we can now welcome tilted blenders.

According to evidence, a tilted smoothie blender makes the best smoothies.When creating milkshakes and smoothies, we’re often left with large clumps due to the failure of our existing blenders. In order to improve the outcome, we try and spend more money to buy the most powerful blender that can run at very high speeds. However, Electrolux, a appliance manufacturer insist that running a blender at high speed can destroy the seeds of fruits/vegetables. In consequence, enzymes are released and this brings out a bit of bitterness.

In an attempt to make the perfect smoothies, milkshakes and sauces, Electrolux have designed a new kind of blender and a tilted one at that. The tilted design is supposed to create an angle so that the titanium blades, which have different shapes and sizes, can access the contents. The end-result is a perfectly smooth shake or smoothie without any clumps. What stands out is that this can be achieved at half the speed that you would normally use. Electrolux have integrated this design and features into their new masterpiece collection blender.

Following several comparisons with other competing blenders, it is clear that the blender created by Electrolux is highly efficient at pulverizing the contents. It does this so well that you don’t normally end up with any clumps. In comparison, some competing blenders don’t have the ability to do this and end up creating a smoothie that doesn’t have well-blended flavor and has many clumps.

Having said that, the higher efficiency doesn’t seem to be just due to the tilted design. The titanium blades of the Electrolux blender are all of different shapes and sizes and this seems to be more effective than the generic blades of a standard blender. We just have to see how smoothie makers improve from here.

KitchenAid Blender Review (And Immunity Boosting Smoothie Recipe)

Eating healthy cannot only be great for losing weight but it can also provide a new dimension for your body to work under. And what better way to start eating healthy than preparing delicious low-calorie breakfast smoothies! If you’re looking for a powerful blender for this purpose then check out this review of this KitchenAid blender. The review also contains an extremely delicious and powerful smoothie recipe which will do wonders to boost your body’s immune system!




5 Other Ways You Can Use your Smoothie Blender

There are a lot of new kitchen appliances becoming available for customers. New technologies provide major improvements when compared to previous electrical appliances. However, a blender is one particular product that can is must have for making milkshakes and smoothies. Not many people know this but blenders can actually be used for a lot more than we think. Here are five ways that you can utilize your blender to carry out various different tasks!

Most of us love to cook eggs but we often struggle with omelettes and scrambled eggs. By using the ingredients in a blender, you can make perfect looking and tasting omelettes and scrambled eggs. All you’ll need to do is put a few whole eggs into the blender, add a bit of water or milk until the mixture is bubbly. The resulting egg will be lighter and will taste different to the typical omelettes and scrambled eggs we eat.

Here are 5 ways you can use your smoothie blender.Making sauces is another task you’ll be able to fulfill with your blender. Whether you like semi-solid items like yoghurt or tough solids like nuts in your sauce, you can bet that the flavors of these items will be blended in your end product. The blender will ensure that every ingredient is smoothened out!

You can also perfect foods like hummus, a dish that contains chickpeas as the main ingredient. You can blend chickpeas alongside other ingredients such as olive oil and garlic to make hummus that has a smooth consistency.

As we increasingly become aware of healthy eating, we’ve started to spend a lot of money of products like almond butter and cashew butter. However, you can save money by creating nut butter with the perfect consistency. All you’ll need to do is put some nuts into the blend and start the machine. You might need to scrape the solids from the walls of the blender and keep running the machine for quite a few minutes before you achieve that perfect consistency.

You can also create fresh ground pepper by blending peppercorn in your blender. These are just some tasks that you can fulfill and few products that you can create with your blender!

Juice Or Smoothie – Which One Should You Drink?

If you’re a health-conscious individual then you will know that the juices that you get in cartons probably have more sugar than coca cola. So whoever thinks that fruit juices are a healthier option over soft drinks is mistaken.

Smoothies have also become very popular amongst health preaching individuals and can contain almost anything and everything from fruits and vegetables. Unless, you add lots of extra sugar, smoothies with lots of vegetables can be excellent for a low calorie diet and healthy living in general.

Choosing between fruit juice and a smoothie is a tough decision. We discuss the benefits of each type of drink.Moving on from smoothies, the newest trend happens to be cold-pressed juices. To create these, the ingredients need to be blended and then passed through a processor that presses out juice through a permeable layer. This usually means that the fiber-packed pulp is a part of the juice. In consequence, you do get more fiber and nutrients in the juice when compared to smoothies. However, just like smoothies, you do need to be careful on anything extra that you add, as these ingredients may increase the total number of calories. It’s also quite important to note that you cannot add any protein supplements to cold-pressed juices while this is possible with smoothies.

So which one should you actually drink? To be honest, it can be difficult to determine which one is better as different people respond differently. However, if you’re someone who needs a post workout drink then the best thing would be to have the protein-packed smoothie. This will provide you with necessary protein and carbohydrate content that the body requires after intense exercise. However, juices can also be considered to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. The ideal time to have these would have to be in the morning. If you have juices in the morning, they will certainly provide you with an energy boost to get started with your day. You’ll also receive plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All of these are an essential part of a balanced diet! You just need to make sure that you carefully select what you put in these drinks.