5 Other Ways You Can Use your Smoothie Blender

There are a lot of new kitchen appliances becoming available for customers. New technologies provide major improvements when compared to previous electrical appliances. However, a blender is one particular product that can is must have for making milkshakes and smoothies. Not many people know this but blenders can actually be used for a lot more than we think. Here are five ways that you can utilize your blender to carry out various different tasks!

Most of us love to cook eggs but we often struggle with omelettes and scrambled eggs. By using the ingredients in a blender, you can make perfect looking and tasting omelettes and scrambled eggs. All you’ll need to do is put a few whole eggs into the blender, add a bit of water or milk until the mixture is bubbly. The resulting egg will be lighter and will taste different to the typical omelettes and scrambled eggs we eat.

Here are 5 ways you can use your smoothie blender.Making sauces is another task you’ll be able to fulfill with your blender. Whether you like semi-solid items like yoghurt or tough solids like nuts in your sauce, you can bet that the flavors of these items will be blended in your end product. The blender will ensure that every ingredient is smoothened out!

You can also perfect foods like hummus, a dish that contains chickpeas as the main ingredient. You can blend chickpeas alongside other ingredients such as olive oil and garlic to make hummus that has a smooth consistency.

As we increasingly become aware of healthy eating, we’ve started to spend a lot of money of products like almond butter and cashew butter. However, you can save money by creating nut butter with the perfect consistency. All you’ll need to do is put some nuts into the blend and start the machine. You might need to scrape the solids from the walls of the blender and keep running the machine for quite a few minutes before you achieve that perfect consistency.

You can also create fresh ground pepper by blending peppercorn in your blender. These are just some tasks that you can fulfill and few products that you can create with your blender!

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