Juice Or Smoothie – Which One Should You Drink?

If you’re a health-conscious individual then you will know that the juices that you get in cartons probably have more sugar than coca cola. So whoever thinks that fruit juices are a healthier option over soft drinks is mistaken.

Smoothies have also become very popular amongst health preaching individuals and can contain almost anything and everything from fruits and vegetables. Unless, you add lots of extra sugar, smoothies with lots of vegetables can be excellent for a low calorie diet and healthy living in general.

Choosing between fruit juice and a smoothie is a tough decision. We discuss the benefits of each type of drink.Moving on from smoothies, the newest trend happens to be cold-pressed juices. To create these, the ingredients need to be blended and then passed through a processor that presses out juice through a permeable layer. This usually means that the fiber-packed pulp is a part of the juice. In consequence, you do get more fiber and nutrients in the juice when compared to smoothies. However, just like smoothies, you do need to be careful on anything extra that you add, as these ingredients may increase the total number of calories. It’s also quite important to note that you cannot add any protein supplements to cold-pressed juices while this is possible with smoothies.

So which one should you actually drink? To be honest, it can be difficult to determine which one is better as different people respond differently. However, if you’re someone who needs a post workout drink then the best thing would be to have the protein-packed smoothie. This will provide you with necessary protein and carbohydrate content that the body requires after intense exercise. However, juices can also be considered to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. The ideal time to have these would have to be in the morning. If you have juices in the morning, they will certainly provide you with an energy boost to get started with your day. You’ll also receive plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All of these are an essential part of a balanced diet! You just need to make sure that you carefully select what you put in these drinks.


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