Do Tilted Blenders Make the Best Smoothies?

Recent advances in technology seem to be creating new ways to enhance the effectiveness of existing home and kitchen appliances. Whether it be your deep fryer or a grill, new improvements have been targeted at flaws of the existing machine. We’ve already heard of air fryers becoming healthy alternatives to deep fryers. In a kind of a similar story, we can now welcome tilted blenders.

According to evidence, a tilted smoothie blender makes the best smoothies.When creating milkshakes and smoothies, we’re often left with large clumps due to the failure of our existing blenders. In order to improve the outcome, we try and spend more money to buy the most powerful blender that can run at very high speeds. However, Electrolux, a appliance manufacturer insist that running a blender at high speed can destroy the seeds of fruits/vegetables. In consequence, enzymes are released and this brings out a bit of bitterness.

In an attempt to make the perfect smoothies, milkshakes and sauces, Electrolux have designed a new kind of blender and a tilted one at that. The tilted design is supposed to create an angle so that the titanium blades, which have different shapes and sizes, can access the contents. The end-result is a perfectly smooth shake or smoothie without any clumps. What stands out is that this can be achieved at half the speed that you would normally use. Electrolux have integrated this design and features into their new masterpiece collection blender.

Following several comparisons with other competing blenders, it is clear that the blender created by Electrolux is highly efficient at pulverizing the contents. It does this so well that you don’t normally end up with any clumps. In comparison, some competing blenders don’t have the ability to do this and end up creating a smoothie that doesn’t have well-blended flavor and has many clumps.

Having said that, the higher efficiency doesn’t seem to be just due to the tilted design. The titanium blades of the Electrolux blender are all of different shapes and sizes and this seems to be more effective than the generic blades of a standard blender. We just have to see how smoothie makers improve from here.

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