The Difference Between the Best French Press and Drip Coffee

Buying the best French press is a good idea if you some a fresh cup of coffee every morning.If you think that coffee is the same every time then you are mistaken. The different brewing methods usually separate the coffee that tastes delicious and the coffee that doesn’t taste so good.

Many of you have probably noticed how some times your coffee tastes amazing at a coffee shop. You might have also noticed those strange-looking pots that are being used to make the coffee. These French pots are used to ensure that your cup of coffee has the richness, flavor and some of the flavorful oils from the coffee bean.

What a lot of us don’t know is that these oils and this flavor is often absent when a normal automatic machine is used. The good news is that you can easily do this by buying the best French press for home use.

In comparison to this type of brewing, the expensive and automatic espresso machines we normally see are used to make drip coffee. While a French pot will make a coffee that has richness and a strong flavor, drip coffee is smoother in taste.

It all depends on individual taste though most people can never go back to drip coffee once they have tried French pressed coffee. There are several advantages and disadvantages of both methods of brewing and it is essential to consider these if we are to establish a solid difference.

As I mentioned before, the best French press will allow the entry of more oils and more flavor of the bean into the coffee. This is an automatic advantage over a normal drip coffee maker. A pot press will allow an individual to heat the water to specific requirements so as to get as much flavor from the coffee bean as possible.

The drip coffee brewing technique is also a good option.Water will be heated separately and you’ll have full control of the temperature. An automatic machine usually uses the same temperature regardless of the type of coffee bean being used.

In order to achieve stronger flavor, the water must be in contact with the grounds for an optimum period of time (usually around 4 minutes). This is done so that we achieve great balance in the flavor and taste.

There is another area where a pot press succeeds, as you will have full control over this when compared to an automatic machine.

Coffee isn’t that simple to make and the task of making great-tasting coffee is even harder. But the oils in the bean are responsible for this taste. Unfortunately, these oils are filtered out during most brewing techniques.

Fortunately, a press pot won’t contain any filters. This technique just presses the grounds rather than filtering anything out.

When looking at such products, I always say that you need to buy a high quality press pot to get the best results. Finding the best French press coffee maker isn’t too difficult. You just need to do some research and compare different products.

Obviously, an automatic drip machines have their own advantages too. The first of these is the automatic function that will make the coffee for you with the press of a button. This automatic process would suit people who lead a busy lifestyle.

Believe it or not, some people also like the taste of drip coffee. This is because it tastes a bit lighter and suits people who don’t like a strong flavor commonly associated with coffee made with a press pot.

Either way, these are the main differences between the two brewing techniques. I’m not a big fan of drip coffee because I feel that we need to taste the natural flavor of the coffee bean, something that can’t be done with an automatic machine.

Despite this, I do occasionally use these drip machines when I need to make a cup really quickly. This is simply because flavorful or not, I can’t survive without my morning cup of coffee and you don’t always have 10 minutes in the morning to use a press pot.


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